How do you clean up your competed items from your lists?

I have long enjoyed the simplicity of standard text files and used Taskpaper on the mac for a while. One thing I am not sure how to accomplish here is the cleanup of completed tasks from my lists. I currently have some items that I complete weekly and others seem to go on the list in the morning just to be completed later that same morning. I can turn off the show completed but that will only work for so long.

In my traditional list I manually migrate completed text to the bottom of my file under a completed line and then over the course of a month save to another archived work-20170228.tpf version before deleting them within my active file. I currently use textexpander to automatically place the text(Completed-20170324-132736) when I do so to mark it for later review.

Is there some best practice or archive function I haven’t found yet? if some type of a sweep all lines with insert some phrase or tag here that would “archive” the line would be awesome. But I suppose that should go in a feature request. (Admin feel free to move this as appropriate please)

So ultimately just looking for which path others are using for this issue.


@Nrhjohn, there’s an option in the item menu that deleted checked items under that item, which you might find useful.

As I understand your use case, you probably don’t just want to delete them. You probably want to send them somewhere before deleting them.

Although we already have the move items functionality, it’s tricky to move checked items. Checked items can scatter across the tree and it’s not straight-forward whether to preserve their relationship and if so, how do we go about it.

For example, in this list of

  • apple
  • pear
    • peach

Let’s say you checked off “apple” and “peach”. When you sent them away, should they be under the same level? Or different levels? Both solutions are not great. It’s just weird if you don’t move “pear” at the same time too, if you know what I mean.

Scenario 1: active reference

  • When a task/project is completed I move it to the relevant client file

Scenario 2: journal/log

I keep some items around, like the list of preparations I made one time to celebrate my mother’s birthday.

  • End of year, show checked items, do an is:completed search
  • Go through the results and selectively move certain things to an Archived document
    • Ensure (all) items in this section are checked off so they don’t appear in searches
    • …but you can also leave them unchecked as long as the Archived docs are last in the tree

Scenario 3: (instant) delete

  • Irrelevant stuff can be deleted upon completion instead of marked done, or
  • Mark done, then delete during weekly/monthly/whateverly cleanup/review