How do I toggle notes?

Hi - doesn’t seem like I can toggle notes - trying the listed key command, but doesn’t seem to work. How do I do this?

Click on the eye icon and choose what you want from there.

Regarding shortcut not working, which shortcut did you try?

Ah, OK, thanks - that works at least.

Using option-N just gives me a tilde character. Mac OS El Cap, Safari, Chrome, Firefox all behave the same.

Yeah unfortunately that’s a known bug on OS X.

If you’re on the Pro plan (free trial included), you can customize this shortcut and change it to something else that works for you.

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Thanks - still making sure I can live without Workflowy - once the iOS apps are out I imagine I’ll go to the pro plan.

No pressure! I’m just saying this is a workaround for this problem in the meantime. After you free trial expires the custom shortcuts will be kept.

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  • what would be the uses of hiding notes?

  • how can i make use out of them?

  • maybe there’s something useful i should know about

they still take up a line when ‘hidden’, notes hidden in g-sheets are actually hidden

and hover shows them

I’m amazed how well everything works without the apps released. The mobile version on Safari (iPhone) is 100x better than WorkFlowy app is today.


Agreed - the mobile browser version does work quite well, and yes, I also have found the Workflowy iOS apps weak.

To 123; hiding notes reduces them to 1 line - very useful when you have a long note in an item (say multiple paragraphs) - without hiding (or reducing) it, it can be very distracting.