How do I rename a Pasted Image

Hi, I sometimes copy and paste images into Dynalist. However, I’ve noticed that if I do the image is just called ‘Pasted Image’ in the Upload Manager and if I ever want to tidy up unused images (e.g. after deleting the parent note) then it is very hard to tell which image is which without opening them. Is there a way to rename these images.

Ideally this would be possible from the drop down menu associated with the bullet to which the image is attached.


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I think atm this is not possible. Renaming the images in the node does not change the name in the upload manager.

But I agree, would be nice to have.

I agree. I often take images/PDFs from the web and put them straight into Dynalist. These images retain whatever name they were given in their original location.

If renaming is not possible, or too much work, I would suggest totally randomised filenames would be better, entirely breaking the link between the name of the reference and the name of the file.


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Sorry for the late reply! Thanks there’s no way to rename them.

In your use case, maybe a quick preview on hover would work better? Nothing is more descriptive than the image itself, I would think :slight_smile:

A preview would definitely help.