How do I escape two underscores?



I tried putting some blackslashes in, but that doesn’t seem to work. Is there a was to display __my text__, but as normal text?


Unfortunately, Dynalist doesn’t support Markdown escaping right now.

Are you trying to write the name of a Python method of something? The closest workaround I can come up with is to write __text__ (surrounded by grave accent for code) instead as these two formats do not nest.


I see. I was actually importing my collaborator’s text from somewhere else, and they were using underscores to indicate blanks in a word.


Ah, ok. Still, sorry for not being able to escape Markdown right now.


Update: you can escape Markdown with \ now.




Not so sure about that:

I see the underscores but i also see the escapes.
P.S. wish dynalist could paste images like this forum can.