How can I find duplicates across nodes?

Hi All,
Following is my scenario -
I have a shared list of grocery items with my partner. We have a node that says “Opened Packets”. Child members of this could be Oats, Bread, Cereals etc.

The other Node is called “To Buy”.

Now, what I want to ensure is that I do not have any items in “To Buy” if they already exist within Opened Packets. i.e. I want to empty the open packets first before I add the item to “To Buy”.

Could you please give me suggestions to find these “duplicates” across the 2 nodes? As long as there’s a dynamic way (via tags, bookmarks etc.) to do this, I am open to any mechanism to pro-actively find these “duplicates”.

Please note that I am using the Pro version.


I can’t think of an easy way to find any duplicates. I can think of two ways to prevent duplicates:

  1. Use one list only and use #tobuy or #opened to mark the ones as appropriate. If you click on the tag you will only see the ones that match your tag. Or,

  2. Use two lists, but Instead of typing new items to a list, use only the Move command to move things from one list to the other. After things are bought, you move those items to the list of things you have.