How can I encourage the small Dynalist team to somehow, someway include Transclusion/Mirror/Clone Nodes + Push notification Reminders?

If it had these 2 features it would literally be the perfect app (Specifically for GTD purposes) I’ve tried a bunch of other apps and I just love Dynalist flow and everything about it, except for these 2 huge missing, almost deal-breaking features!

Erica and team, I’m sure you’re probably sick of hearing about it… but please tell me what I can do to help you make it a reality soon!? What can I upvote, who can I call, where can I write reviews to somehow help realize these 2 features? Pls Help! I want to give you my money (Ill even pre-subscribe for a few years if you can guarantee its coming!)… I don’t want to look elsewhere, but I need these 2 features!

Thanks for the great work :slight_smile:


You might want to look at Workflowy, it went neglected for a while but has had more active development. Dynalist is still a more polished and complete product but Workflowy has in more recent times added some well thought out features, mirroring nodes being one of them. I wasn’t sure if I would really find them useful but now I’ve gone with it for a while they’re pretty good. Just remember to subscribe to whichever product you find best, or both, at least that way there’s some kind of signal for the developers to keep going.


yeah I tried Worflowy last week (admittedly only for like 2 hrs) but I really wasn’t feeling the style and feel of it… It didn’t feel as smooth as Dynalist. Maybe Ill give it another go sometime

I would love to have the transclusion feature in Dynalist, but personally I would not recommend Workflowy to anyone. About a year ago I went back to see what’s new and answered in the form to help someone request the dark mode (in free plan) because the eye strain, so I introduce Night Light in Windows 10, but because I also mentioned that I use another product (did not even mentioning Dynalist’s name), they actually deleted my comment (yes, they told me that’s their police to delete of any post that mentioned another product). For that alone, I will never support the company, even if it becomes better than Dynalist, but even with all the new features, IMHO it is still a much inferior product than Dynalist.


Paypal them $80,000 with note “Please”


You can get push notification reminders by turning on Google Calendar sync, to a dedicated dynalist-only calendar, then go to Google Calendar > dynalist calendar > settings and scroll down to Notifications. Turn on push notifications, as well as email notifications. Turn several on for the timeframes you desire - I have one for 24 hours and then 3 hours and then 5 minutes. Then install Google Calendar on your device. It really is all someone could wish for - having it built into the Dynalist app would just be needlessly redundant for sake of software bloat.

As for mirror nodes, it’s a Workflowy thing, and only came about after a total rewrite of the Workflowy backend from scratch, I would place my bet on it never happening in Dynalist, just from the general vibe of things. It’s always ok to use multiple platforms tho - maybe you’ll decide mirror nodes aren’t actually useful and come back.


tried google calendar synced notifications… doesn’t reliably

If a $1trillion software company that also manufactures most of the smartphones on the planet can’t even send you notifications, What chance does a two developer team have

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what? no, its because its a 3rd part app/syncing

when I input it manually to google calendar its fine, but if I input it into Dynalist and just let it talk to google calendar, then its hit or miss (after doing some digging many ppl had the same problem, and seems to work more consistently only when the apps are both open at the same time on desktop)

So yeah, if the Dynalist iOS app had a built in notification ability I’m sure it would work very well

Can you link to the thread of ‘many ppl’ whose !(date) items dont reliably sync over to Google Calendar - gotta make sure you all make a bug report & write the steps to reproduce the issue so the devs can look at it.

Remember - none of these processes are occurring on your iPhone, you phone just sends the raw text to the dynalist cloud and then stops running. It is the server in the cloud that’s reading a !(date) and talking to a google server in the cloud to send the calendar event. And then google cloud is pushing notifications to your apps. So if dynalist can’t reliably trigger a GCal API call server side, then pushing a notification back going to be even less reliable. Best to fix the root issue rather than changing something that occurs after (choosing which app a notification pushes to occurs after).

As for having both apps open, I for one never open Google Calendar, since it emails me, and have never had any sync issue, so I don’t think you need it open.

I pay for Workflowy, and I also use dynalist for my daily TODOs. Mirrors are the next generation feature for hypergraph based text editors. I think many people would use them; many people who now don’t even know that they could exist, would probably love them.

Mirror is the first word I’ve liked for this feature. Clone suggests a one-way copy, and transclusion is a bear. Not expecting it to happen in DynaList though, given the product is in maintenance mode and this is feature would required rearchitecting the software.

I’m more slightly optimistic they might implement multiple document views like Obsidian has. That would achieve for me much of what I’d want Mirrors for: the ability to see the context of the link and the target at the same time. Conceptually it feels as easy as:

     <div style="position:inline-block"><embed dynalist here></div>
     <div style="position:inline-block"><embed dynalist here at another url></div>

Though I’m certain it would take some restructuring of the JS to keep these both working in the same page.

That said, I see no signs there’s any interest in advancing DynaList so I’ll just stick with it until it’s no longer the best tool on the market.

The Workflowy feature is neither a clone nor a transclusion. I suspect most people will find it hard to work out what they might find it useful for, but it will become central to their workflow once they do have a use for it.

afaics all the outliners have a very different feel, and I can see that their core users will be reluctant migrators. Even with Dynalist and Workflowy which possess the greatest degree of similarity.

I want mirror. But not holding my Breathe. I put a link in the notes field of both manually. A pain but then I see the changes both places


Can’t a node A be just set to be watched and node B be set to update when changes are made to node A? I totally appreciate the craftsmanship mindset of Team Dynalist, but I hope they aren’t overthinking this feature.

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