How can I create bullets through the API?


I’m trying to improve my Highlighter Extension by correctly converting HTML elements to Markdown and showing them in Dynalist.

Here is a Highlight that I’m currently trying to get into the right format in Dynalist:

When I’m converting to Markdown and send the content to the API, it looks like this:

But my goal would be something like this:

What I’m looking for is a way to convert my HTML to a format, which makes it possible to indent nodes and start new lines.

How would my Markdown need to look like to achieve that result? :thinking:

Or do I need to submit the content in the OPML Format?

I believe currently the Send to Inbox API does not yet allow creating sub-bullets, there’s a request open for it somewhere. (See How can efficiently add a tree of subnodes to a new inbox node?)

That does mean unfortunately right now you only have the choice of using the regular document edit API to create new items, or use the Send to Inbox API for a single item.

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Okay, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: