How advanced users find relevant info in dyna near-instantly?

there doesnt seem to be any talk on here about advanced searching

if you were to find any specific piece of info within the many many notes/lists about and across all sorts of topics and things, how in the universe do you do that? (ongoing problem with onenote)

  1. you couldn’t use generic/general words because there’s too much instances of those words

  2. and you can’t use highly complex words cos you cant remember all the highly complex words (that’s what computers are for, to store the info for you)

  • so your brain can do and think of more significant things in any given lifetimes

If you conclude generic words don’t work and complex words can’t be remembered, it will be impossible, by definition of search (you need to know some kind of keyword to search).

From my personal experience, combining simple words works.
Also remembering “complex” words are not that hard, because they are often related to your profession/project. What you delegate the machine to remember is all the fine details, not individual complex words.

Some words are simple but unique in your Dynalist, for example “europe trip”, both words are simple, but it’s likely that you only have a few items contain those words.

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when we understand that for the largest portion of searches on google, or even wikipedia,

  • exact terms aren’t known

we then also understand what the purpose & act of searching is = to find out / discover the 99.9% of things you don’t know

all these users are doing searches to find relevance – relevance – and you don’t need exact terms for searches of relevance

  • that’s why g is a .7b market cap company, at least one of the core factors/reasons/causes (source)

for this board use case of finding

any specific piece of info within the many many notes/lists about and across all sorts of topics and things

  • i haven’t yet seen significant evidence that it is the common case that any human person is able to remember extensive arrays of ‘hard to search’ terms (tho the future is unpredictable, and may be surprising)
  • the usage of simple words in combinations are for other use cases that does not fit or solve this one – because there are many, even infinite, combinations of word usage, especially simple word usage (as just one of the problems/limits why)

if a person,

  • has the talent to remember everything, then a computer to memorise would not be necessary, or helpful in our lives (at least for this key & critical use of searching info/memories/data)
  • or if narrow in their life & doings, or do basic common things, then a person or a physicist would not be well-rounded in all forms of ways (and this lack of well-roundness would also evidence the larger picture that softwares currently as-is in 2018-ongoing are to be used for specialisd needs – until & unless softwares and computing advances to a stage where there is an all in one, an ideal)

that’s where innovation comes in

(innovation = the things, like an idea/concept or artistic hand dance or regulation, that are light years ahead, that replaces everything else of the outdated customary past)

  • or as jobs said in the most famous speech of our times (something, something, ah cant remember exactly but it’s basically what i just said)

the overall searching problem (in all contexts/topics) has continued to be one of the most fundamental limits/problems there currently is in this universe

im sure someone would have eventually found a really good way of solving this problem fully (of reaching the goal of good search); maybe it would be the physicists?