Hotkey Bug. Ctrl+> not recognized as Ctrl+Shift+

Steps to reproduce

On Android, using Hacker’s Keyboard (set for full or compact 5-row layout), place cursor on node to collapse, press Ctrl, press Shift, press > (which is the shift state of . )

Expected result

Expand/Collapse All

Actual result

Types a > at cursor.


Android 7. Dynalist App. Version 1.1.22

Additional information

Perhaps having this problem before, on Hacker’s Keyboard it is possible to force sending Shift+. by long pressing > and choosing . . This works as intended, but as it is such a simple problem to fix and one that could show up again (depending on user inputs) that I’d recommend putting in the effort to clear it up.

Simply add Ctrl+> as an alternative hotkey for Ctrl+Shift+. and you’re done.

EDIT: CORRECTION - Ctrl+Shift+. is actually just recognized as Ctrl+. ; the sub-nodes don’t fold. So, Ctrl+> being assigned would be the only fix.