Home screen shortcut for one tap access to a file on Android



I would really appreciate to be able to add a home screen shortcut for a Dynalist “file” on my phone. This way I would be able to open my shopping list with just one tap.
Would you please consider implementing this feature?

Having a “Quick add” style widget would be nice too. The Android application startup time on my Nexus 5 is not that great to be honest.



Hi @Dmitry1,

Interesting request! We’ll definitely think about it.

I remember seeing a similar function in WeChat, where you can send a conversation to the home screen, making it easy to talk to frequently talked-to people.


As a quick solution, you should be able to register an intent in the AndroidManifest file. That would ‘catch’ all the requests to dynalist.io and open the app instead.

From there, we could save regular bookmarks to our document locations and open them in the app directly from the desktop.


I would love this functionality also. Many apps allow you to add shortcuts on the android home screen to access a particular “document” (eg google docs / evernote / etc.) and this would be really useful with dynalist. Especially if it allowed you to open any zoomed-location / url within a file.

For instance I have my todo lists within a “todo” dyanlist document. And my work ones are under one bullet / home under another / etc. It would be great to be able to open those directly.

The most flexible solution would seem to be to to open any dynalist url (as that would include searches etc.) in the dynalist app rather than in chrome. This would also mean links in other apps to dynalist documents would open within the dynalist app - eg if I clicked on a link from within google keep (not just shortcuts on the home screen).
My understanding is that this would be relatively simple to set up as you “just” need to make android open dynalist links in the app rather than in the chrome browser but I am not someone who understands these things in any detail so could well be way off the mark.

(ps I hope this is the best place to mention this - I have seen it suggested in a few discussions but some seemed to be about a variety of issues, not just this one)


I too would like this feature. OneNote let’s you add a shortcut to a page, a section, a notebook. It is great, it really reduces the friction. Personally I would recommend allowing bookmarks to be placed as a shortcut, but obviously others will see it differently.

Please do think about this, it would allow Dynalist to be more and more the default place to store, sort and think about things.