Hitting 'return' on empty bullet

Writing to ask if this behavior has changed, or if i am imagining things. Please see this clip:

screen recording

When I press return on the ‘A’ list, it will insert a bullet at same level. If I press return on the ‘B’ list (empty bullet), it un-indents the bullet instead.

I seem to recall hitting return always giving me a new bullet at the same level. Am I mistaken on this? Somehow it is super annoying when i want to add some new bullets at the end of a list and have to go back and indent them all.

It was always super annoying for me, I don’t remember it working the way you (and me) would like. Moo.do is the only outliner I know of, that do this.

I think we were originally asked to implement this to mimic how WorkFlowy bullets work. It’s a convenient way for many people to unindent, I guess, personally I don’t use it either.

I’m guessing empty bullets play a role in your workflow, since you want to keep them?

I use it most in my ‘inbox’ capture and in my daily working list. This is simply for visual separation.

Typically i have a few idea or tasks and I jot them down quickly using separate bullets, then need a visual breakpoint before the next set of ideas. The empties hang around until i can process the inbox or task list.

To accomplish this now, i have to backtrack and make liberal use of tab on desktop. On mobile it’s even more of a pain.

The current behaviour is useful sometimes as if you’ve got deep lists on screen and you want to add a high level node after a deep child node, a few rapid presses of enter can be the quickest way to get there. I’m also pretty fine with the workaround of inserting a space or - or whatever to get the OP’s desired behaviour