Hitting enter will make new line at wrong place

Steps to reproduce

Occasionally, like four times per hour.

I hit enter, and the line will break a few lines above even though the cursor is not at that position.

Expected result

To make a new bullet point.

Actual result

The line will break at a random point some lines above.
When I am trying again - it happens again.

The only way to overcome this problem is to make a new line on a different level and bring the newly written sentence to the same level afterward.

It won’t let me do it below anymore.


Mac Sierra


Grammarly installed.

Additional information

Cursor is not appearing in screenshot but at the end of the text block.
Next pic after “Enter”, but the line break is somewhere completely wrong:

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From past feedback we’re 95% sure it has something to do with Grammarly. Interaction with third party apps are the hardest to fix though :frowning:


A similar thing happens on Android all the time. Pressing Enter at the beginning of the line will break the existing line in half instead of inserting an empty line.

Are you using any 3rd party spell checkers or text manipulation program? It doesn’t happen for our testing Android device and if it’s happening for everyone I think we’d know by now!

OK, that’s a bit reassuring. I’m using Gboard keyboard, Android 7. I’ll try to spot any other details that might affect text input.

One idea is to test switching to the default keyboard and see if it changes anything.

Interestingly enough, this seems to be the culprit. I tried with the AOSP keyboard and Keepass4Android keyboard, and in both cases the new line was created correctly.
Switching back to Gboard, the wrong behaviour returns.
For the life of me, I can’t understand the relationship.

Me neither, because we’ll never get to see their code to understand the interaction.

Generally extensions/plugins that manipulates text can do this kind of stuff, just like Grammarly (read above). When you press Enter, this extension/plugin may want you to do one thing (e.g. use the first auto-correct suggestion), whereas Dynalist wants to create a new item. When these two things act together, unexpected things can happen.

The problem with gboard (English, US version) creating new lines incorrectly happens here as well. As this is an app that comes with many android phones by default, and is my keyboard app of choice, is there any way you can still look into this? If you need me to, I can give you as much information about the problem as I can.

I have the same issue on my Google Pixel XL (default GBoard keyboard).

I’ve noticed the issue occurs if I press the enter button prior to a next word rather than immediately after a word. (eg: depending on where the space is).

For example:

  • This is a test
  • This is[enter] (before the space)
    *Works fine.
  • This is [enter] (after the space)
    *Duplicates the first following word/letter. So I end up with * aa test

Same at the beginning of a sentence. If I put a space before the text I want to bring down to the next line, then hit enter before the space it formats correctly. Otherwise it keeps the first word on the bullet and bumps down everything after that. So I’d end up with:

  • This
  • is a test

Even though I hit enter before the T.

I’ve noticed it for a while, I just avoided the error by adjusting my behaviour instead.

Hi, we have looked into the problem, but can’t reproduce the issue consistently. That is, we come across the issue randomly and rarely, but can’t identity a set of steps that will trigger this problem every time.

That’d be the most valuable information we need to get the investigation and bug fixing going.

Can’t seem to reproduce the issue with the Samsung default keyboard, which is our only testing device… will find a chance to test the GBoard.

Also @NeedsCoffee you probably want to open another bug thread, since this thread is for the bug on the web version that’s caused by the interaction between the Grarmmarly extension and Dynalist.

@Erica @NeedsCoffee
I’ve created a bug report specific to Google GBoard here:

@butlermatt thank you!

I have this problem too. I am a Grammarly user. However, I only get the problem in Safari, never in Chrome (which also has Grammarly integration).

Grammarly could have implemented their extension differently for each browser, which is likely the case because it deeply integrates with text editing.

It’s weird though, I think we’ve heard Chrome users complain about this issue before. Maybe it’s fixed recently?