Highlight text and if pasting an image, then simply format it to link to the image

Currently, if I were to highlight some text and paste an image, it would be replaced by ![Pasted image](dynalist.io/picture.jpg)

However, with this feature, I could highlight Better Image Caption and then then it would turn into ![Better Image Caption](dynalist.io/picture.jpg).

That would save me a lot of time, even if handled differently with the see-get editor.

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Now this is quite creative (definitely not something I could think of myself). I’m understanding it as the Ctrl+K (insert link) equivalent for uploading images, right?

Seems like a handy feature for documents that requires inserting lots of images :thumbsup:.

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Yes, that could work as well, and would probably be better than formatting the text automatically, if unintended. Thank you for your kind words.

That doesn’t work currently, though, correct?

That’s correct, just saying Ctrl+K because it’s (in my opinion) a commonly used editing shortcut.

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