Hiding Hashtags?



Hey peeps,

Is there a way to hide hashtags from view—like you can with notes or checked items?

Hashtags are incredibly useful and I use them frequently as a way of navigating/filtering my documents. However, when I share parts of my document (i.e. as a PDF), I’d like to hide the hashtags as they aren’t relevant/necessary to see for the recipients.

Look forward to hearing from ya’ll.



I’ve been using this CSS. I have no idea how CSS works, but it seems to hide my hashtags!

.node-tag {
display: none !important;

Hopefully that helps.


If you only want to hide the tags in the printed view (e.g. in generated PDFs), I can provide CSS so that it shows up on your computer but not in the printed format.


Yes please, @Erica . That’d be awesome!

Is it the same as @Dan_Nelson’s above? :slight_smile:


It’s very similar, I only added a modifier so it only applies to printed media:

@media print { .node-tag { display: none !important; } }

I tested and it seems to work on my end. Enjoy!


I see people already answer, but I have hidden tags since day 1 so I will share too. I think this is the CSS, I have a lot of CSS and forget what does what.

/* Disappear tags */
.Node-openNote{ display: none; }
.ref .Node-openNote{ display: block; }
.node-tag[href="#"] { display:none; }
.ref .node-tag[href="#"] { display:block; }

IMO tags are metadata which should be invisible. I hide visual clutter as much as possible.


Works perfectly. Thanks, Erica! :heart_eyes: