Hide notes in mind map view


is it possible to hide the full text of notes when in mind map mode? With longer notes it makes the tree structure rather useless.


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Can someone answer?


is there a way to hide notes in mind-map view? Mind-map with longer (or even medium-sized) notes is rather unhelpful.

Same question. Trying to revive this thread. How to hide notes in mindmap?

For general customizations like this, mess with the CSS.

Skip to the end code if you just want it done without how I did it.

First, open Inspect (Developer Tools). Use this little icon and click the part of dynalist you want to change.

Locate the class name, and any class names or element types its nested in. Here it is simply mindmap-note, which makes things easy.

Now go to styles and add parameters. To hide things we use the display parameter, and find none to get rid of any trace. There are other ways, but this works.

Now put it all together to paste into Custom CSS in dynalist:

.mindmap-note {
  display: none;
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Oh wow. Light bulb moment. Thanks for the neat explanation @BigChungus

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