Hide note icon and extra space when notes are in Hide mode

Hi all, I have been wanting this a long time, and I figured out the way to do it today. I wanted to hide the icons for hidden notes, and remove the extra spacing between notes when the icon is hidden.

Use case: creating an outline, and having any notes in notes, and wanting to see the outline clean, with no icons or spaces below any of the lines in the outline. This is only for when the Notes are in “Hide” mode.

Here is the CSS I used that works!

.is-hidingNote div.Node-openNote {display:none;}
.is-hidingNote div.Node-openNote::after {visibility:hidden;}

You may need to refresh your browser tab after making this CSS change. When I made the changes (Chrome on Windows), the CSS box from the settings was visible in the notes page after leaving settings. But refreshing the tab removed it.

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