Hide link url when linking

I find it a little annoying that the URL expands automatically when I highlight it. I want my to do list to be pulled from other lists and so I do this using the linking method. But then when I am cycling through my todo list made up of these links, it gets ugly because I see a link url which I do not want to see. Can I turn this off anywhere??



I guess that is a no? It still looks very ugly for how I use it. I should point out that I use my keyboard to go through the list, not my mouse.

Ideally, I would like it to stay looking like a link when it is selected, and then maybe right click it or menu option to edit the link.


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I think this might be part of the ‘What you see is what you get’ change that has been bandied around for a long while, including not seeing e.g. the *'s around bold text etc - I would also like it if it just showed the hyperlink the way e.g. Word does, and you had to do something extra to expand / edit it like right click, double click, ctrl+click or whatever

@John_Wilkinson You can reduce this ‘ugly URL’ by wrapping your own shorter text around it.

E.G. If you URL is www.google.com/thisisaurl123456, you could change this to just display ‘Google’ (or w/e you wanted) by putting brackets around the URL


[Google] (www.google.com/thisisaurl123456)

Remove the spaces between ] and ( above.

Hi Jamie, yes, this is true, except for when the item is selected. And as I scroll through with my keyboard, each item I select gets the messy code instead of plain sexy text. :slight_smile:

Checking back after quite some time and can’t believe this is still an X File.

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Hello everyone, is there any solution available yet?

No, WYSIWYG never launched

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