Help! Wrong things get copied/cut!

It seems to happen on large lists or notes. Say if the content was:

de Toqueville, in earlier work on the French Revolution, had explained how it was the printed word that, achieving cultural saturation in the eighteenth century, had homogenized the French nation. Frenchmen were the same kind of people north to south. The Typographic principles of uniformity, continuity, and lineality had overlaid the complexities of ancient feudal and oral society. The Revolution was carried out by the new literati and lawyers. (27) If the criminal appears as a nonconformist who is unable to meet the demand of technology that we behave in uniform and continuous patterns, literate man is quite inclined to see others who cannot conform as somewhat pathetic. Especially the child, the cripple, the woman, and the colored person appear in a world of visual and typographic technology as victims of injustice. On the other hand, in a culture that assigns roles instead of jobs to people—the dwarf, the skew, the child create their own spaces. They are not expected to fit into some uniform and repeatable niche that is not their size anyway. Consider the phrase “It’s a man’s world.” As a quantitative observation endlessly repeated from within a homogenized culture, this phrase refers to the men in such a culture who have to be homogenized Dagwoods in order to belong at all. It is in our I.Q. testing that we have produced the greatest flood of misbegotten standards. Unaware of our typographic cultural bias, our testers assume that uniform and continuous habits are a sign of intelligence, thus eliminating the ear man and the tactile man. (29-30)

When I select all the text (and not the whole item+descendants) and copy, nothing gets copied to my clipboard. More bizarrely, when I hit Cmd-X, the text vanishes, but my clipboard remains empty.

I sometimes have no way to copy/cut things out of Dynalist. Scary!

Furthermore, when I select part of the item and try to copy, something gets copied, but it’s not what I selected. For example, for the following selection:

It is “ned how it was the printed” that gets copied to my clipboard.

I’m not even using any Markdown or annotations LaTeX in this item.



Chrome on OS X

That’s really weird… looking into reproducing this issue on Chrome/Mac!

Can you do me a favor and see if the “Edit” toolbar item flashes when you copy? Not flashing often means the copy action is not even triggered.

Sadly I can’t reproduce this issue with either Safari or Chrome on MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite). Copy and paste seems to work fine for text, be it single line or multi-line. :confused:

@Shida did find some copy paste bugs related to copying multiple items at once though, not sure if that’s related to your problem. But my understanding from your post is that you’ve never selected items, be it one item (with children) or multiple items.

I can’t reproduce this either, unfortunately. I also added some children to the main point to make sure that similar conditions were met.

I tried to pinpoint the source of the bug(s), and I learned it happens only when (a) I’m using Dynalist and (b) my Grammarly Chrome extension is enabled. Not yet sure about technical details.

@Erica @JP1 Sorry about making you try to repro this!

Yes, it always did.

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I’ve heard another report of Grammarly not playing nicely with Dynalist, possibly because they are also trying to do some things in JavaScript. Without accessing and debugging their code, it’s really hard to say which part of our code is interacting with theirs.

I’m aware that many writers and students use Grammarly though. Would be nice if we can play along. :slight_frown:


Ah, that explains the 3 in the lower right corner.

No need to apologize!

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Yes, I’ve noticed if I try to put a Return at the end of a note, it creates a line break higher up. Other strange things happen when editing a note when Grammarly is active.

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Grammarly tries to manipulate the input field at the same time as Dynalist, so there might be some hiccups.

@Kevin_Murray: does the problem go away if you temporarily disable Grammarly?

You can disable Grammarly specifically for If you re-enable it, then the problem returns. Sounds like it’s a fight for Javascript.

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Ok, that matches what I remember from feedback from other users. Sorry for not being able to pinpoint this earlier.

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