Help using Drafts Script by sorashima

There is a Drafts script that sends a Draft to Dynalist’s inbox via the API. However, I don’t know how to use it and the user sorashima didn’t leave any contact information. The main question is where to enter the Dynalist Secret Token? The script says you need it, but doesn’t tell you where to enter it. I’ve tried a few different locations, but always get an error message. I’m pretty sure it goes in the first three lines somewhere:

var credential = Credential.create("Secret Token of Dynalist", "Dynalist");
credential.addPasswordField("token", "Secret Token");

Anyone know? Thanks!

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So my mistake was to try to enter the token into the script manually. It asks the first time you run the script. I just had to delete the credential in the preferences and run the script again to get it to work!

Now to try to play with it to see what else is possible with the API in Drafts…


Cool! I’ll mark it as resolved then :slight_smile: