Help to auto-color based on tag

Hi All,

I am trying to edit the CSS code to help me with more visual codes. What I’d like to do is to have the entire bullet automatically color-coded when a specific tag is added.

I’m really a visual-sort of person and generally prefer bright color-coding to help me remember and recall things :slight_smile:

So far, what I’ve got has only helped me auto-color just the tag with the color I want, rather than the entire item that’s tagged. This uses this code:

[title~="#analogy"] {
background: #ffff00 !important;
color: black !important;

Here’s a screenshot of the thing:


It’ll be great if someone can help me figure out how to do this in the CSS (rather than through stylish, because it’s not super portable onto other platforms and I use a lot of them)


Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to style the parent based on the its children’s properties. It’s a limitation of CSS.

Would the yellow color label work for your case? Or you just don’t want to manually apply the color label?

Yes, I don’t want to manually apply the color label and it would expand the options for color coding nicely.

It’s been done in workflowy here (, which requires stylish, but I presume that’s because workflowy doesn’t allow css generally? not sure

is there any way to do something like that with the CSS for dynalist?

I looked at the CSS in the link. The author made a pseudo-element to bypass this problem.

You can give it a try, just replace .contentTag with .node-tag and see if it works for you.