Help creating a bookmark search

I’d like some advice on creating a shopping list. Sounds simple, right? Let me explain some of the problems I’m running into:

  1. I have a list of medicines I take, and when I need to buy more, I just tag one of them with #buy. In order to get this on my shopping list, I just do a search for #buy.

  2. But I also have groceries I buy, and I don’t want a list of everything I’ve every purchased, so I have a heading called To Buy where I just dump stuff I need to buy and then I can delete it when I finally get it. To make sure this shows up on my list, the head also has #buy.

Now . . . when I bookmark my #buy search, I get a list of each medicine and a collapsed “To Buy” section that I have to expand every time. Is it possible to save expand or collapse with a bookmark? It doesn’t seem possible.

As a refinement, sometimes I need to buy things from the grocery store, from the drug store, and from a department store. Instead of a random group of things in the “To Buy” category, it would be nice to identify where to find the item, so if I’m at the grocery store, I can see my grocery list.
(a) I could subdivide “To Buy” into different places and put an item into the store where I would buy it. To use this, I’d click on my bookmark #buy, expand “To Buy”, find the right subhead, and then expand it. It’s beginning to get a little complicated.
(b) Besides, I could buy cotton balls at the grocery store or at the drug store. If I put them in the drug store category and then go to the grocery store, I won’t see them and will not buy them even though I could. So maybe instead of subheads, I need more tags: #grocery, #drugstore, #deptstore
© But am I right in thinking that I can’t sort by tags?

I feel like I’m ending up with entering something I need to buy and adding umpteen dozen tags to identify where I might buy the item. Then I need another umpteen dozen bookmarks to see shopping lists per store or per category or whatever.

But I can’t work out some logic that just gives me a shopping list the way I would do it on paper: jot down what I need and group it according to where I’m going.

Anyone have a more logical mind than mine that can help me work out an elegant and easy solution? I feel like Dynalist has this within its power; I’m just having a hard time pulling it out.


It’s possible:
#buy OR parent:#buy

@Malcolm_Litchfield: did Piotr’s suggestion help? :slight_smile:

I tried it the day he suggested it. Parent was one of the search terms I had never tried before. It was exactly what I was looking for and helped a lot. So much so that I just went out and did the shopping instead of thanking him, which would have been the polite thing to do. :anguished::pensive: