Has anyone else had to re-login to their Google account on an Android device recently?

Edit: It’s happened to two of my friends who don’t use Dynalist (as far as I know, so it’s probably just rolling out for everyone).

I’m only asking since Dynalist is the only site connected to a particular gmail account. I didn’t make any changes to the account, yet it asked me to sign in again.

I have 2FA enabled, changed my password, and saw no suspicious activity on my account, so it could just be a fluke. Someone tried to hack into a logmein account yesterday, however, that was with a different email, so I’m a bit paranoid.

Anyhoo, I’m not saying that Dynalist was at any fault of this (so don’t worry), but just decided to double check with other Android users who’ve logged into Dynalist via their Google Account.

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Hi JP1,

The issue you experienced was caused by Google per this article:



Thank you Michael, I appreciate the link.

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Interesting. I had it happen with my Google for work account but not my personal account. Being a controlled account I had assumed it was just my account admins making updates. It did not affect the account my Dynalist is associated with.

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