Hamburger menu does not disappear when re-clicked or when escape is hit

Steps to reproduce

Using the latest version of chrome on OSX, click the hamburger menu. Click it again. (It does not disappear.) Hit escape. (It does not disappear.) Try hitting delete item in the menu. (Does nothing.)

Expected result

I expected the hamburger menu to disappear when re-clicked or when escape is hit.

Actual result

Instead, it does not disappear.


Latest stable chrome, latest OSX.

Totally agree that Esc should close the hamburger menu when it’s present. Thanks for catching this!

We have tracked this bug on our todo list, and will fix it as soon as we can! Thanks again for letting us know. I’ll update here when it’s fixed :slight_smile:

@jpittis: This should be fixed in the latest versions (please refresh/reload the app to update), could you please confirm when you have time? Thanks in advance!