Hamburger is missing on backlinked items

Steps to reproduce

It appears to be a CSS thing. I deleted the custom CSS to prove this. The document node, and two subnodes all have backlinks. Hovering over each node shows controls.

Expected result

We should see backlinks, zoom, and hamburger at all levels. We don’t.

Actual result

The document does not show back links.
The date here shows a back link, zoom, and hamburger.

But OLD shows zoom, backlink, no hamburger.

Zooming into OLD.
We barely see the hamburger. We see the backlink.
The date, if pointed at will not show the hamburger.
If I remove the backlink, these will appear.


This is Windows, Chrome, both mobile and desktop views.



This seems to make things work. It’s currently default -120px. Unlike normal nodes:

Good catch, seems like the new backlink icon is pushing the menu out of screen. Thanks for the report!

Will be resolved in the upcoming release.