Graph, Backlink and Kanban View

Hi Dynalist family,

Dynalist is an outliner that allows notes. Form comes first, then writing.

There are two common problems and very hard to take note of the information that you don’t know in a structured way. The structure is isolated and it’s very hard to linking with the other knowledge or reference.

I think the game change since Dynalist allows to switch to the article view and show internal backlinks. The article view creates the freedom of writing. It helps to jot and write, then organizes and refine it by connecting the backlinks.

I wish to have the following feature requests to fill the gap of task and knowledge management.

Feature : Friction Column/ Kanban View

Objective: Plan & Prioritize Tasks

I think the Dynalist is the best todo if knowing to setup it probably. If adding the friction column view like a simple kanban, it will help to manage the tasks, projects, roadmap in a glance.

Then, schedule it the date (google calendar) and complete it.

Feature: Analytical Panel

Objective: Building the Tree of Knowledge

I want to make sure the document makes sense to me when coming back and read them in the future. If adding the analytical panel like the right panel of Obsidian, it will help to pull the idea out.

Something like, to have the Graph view and backlinks suggestion section (like the Obsidian) on this document, etc

Thank you for creating great software!



For graph, see How to visualize network graph of note links in dynalist?