Google Calendar sync for reminders doesn't work in Inbox

Steps to reproduce

Create a reminder in Inbox

Expected result

Reminder appears in Google calendar

Actual result

Reminder does not appear in Google calendar


Google Chrome, Windows

Additional information

Additional comments

Hi Sundar,

Could you be a bit more specific?

Is your inbox location in a document that has Google Calendar sync enabled? And reminders do take a few minutes to show up, just want to make sure that’s taken into account.

Yes, I explicitly enabled “Google Calendar Sync” and I waited for more than a few days for the sync to happen!

Sorry for the late reply now. Any chance it started working as of now?

Also is Google Calendar sync working for any of the other documents, or do you only have it enabled for the “Inbox” document?

Yes, it did. May be because of the recent updates…

Cool, thanks for the update!

Closing this then :slight_smile: