Google Calendar sync does not work

Steps to reproduce

I put the date elements according to the user settings

Expected result

In the Google Calendar, there are items with dates in the corresponding days

Actual result

Elements are synchronized in an incomprehensible sequence. Some do not sync at all


Which operating system are you using? Which browser are you using? If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?

You did enable Google Calendar sync in the documents that you want to sync, right?

Also could you explain a bit more how it’s incomprehensible? Screenshots would definitely help.

Of course, I enabled the synchronization of all documents.
Citing screenshots does not make sense. In the Google Calendar there are simply no items from Dynalist

Have you chosen a calendar to sync to? (The step 1 from here:

Everyone else seems to follow these instructions and have no problem with it, which is why I believe it could be something being accidentally skipped when setting things up.

Has earned. The problem in synchronization was with topics beginning with #

I hurried.
Here is a screenshot of my request “until: 1w”

Here is a screenshot of my google calendar for 2 weeks

It can be easily calculated that the query issues 13 topics. At the same time for the specified dates we see only 5

From our admin backend, it doesn’t look like you connect your Google Calendar at all…

Are you sure you followed the instructions? Could you take a screenshot of the “Google Calendar integration” section in the Dynalist Pro tab in Settings?

That’s what I’m watching now.

Then I close the dune sheet. I open it again and see that the settings are gone

Sync is missing completely :frowning:
I really want it back

It’s not gone. It says “your dates are current being synced to that calendar”. If that’s correct, you don’t need to choose a different calendar.

That is the right calendar, right?

Yes. Only there is no synchronization :frowning:

Sorry for the late reply!

I see, and I see that you enabled sync for 6 documents, which I assume are all the documents you have.

Is it possible that you removed Dynalist’s permission from Google? That’s the only possibility I can think of.