Go to item after closing out of search

There doesn’t seem to be any way to search for something and then jump to the result (unless I’m missing something - please feel free to point me in the right direction).

The search basically operates as a filter, not a “search and jump to item” feature.

Erasing the term in the search box reverts Dynalist back to the top of the list. There is no way to stay on the resulting line in question AFAIU.

To the extent that functionality truly does not exist, it would be absolutely great if it could be implemented! Others have suggested being able to Down Arrow or Tab to the result and stay there. That works!

Click the buullet to zoom into the item you want. From there you can zoom out if you want

That’s a possible workaround but requires going from using a keyboard to a mouse and the extra steps of zooming in and then back out simply to stay on the search term that I wanted to find in the first place, so not really getting at the functionality that I’m looking for.