"Go to child" shortcut

Right now, there are customisable shortcuts to
“Go to previous sibling item”
“Go to next sibling item”
“Go to parent item”

Which is great, because it allows me to navigate without moving my hands all the way to the mouse or arrow keys (right now I’ve got it set up as pseudo-vim: cmd-hjkl).

However, I can only navigate up and along the tree, never down to a child, which makes it way less useful. So I’d like a shortcut to go to a child element.

I’d suggest either

  • Go to the first child
  • Go to the last child (to give users something that they can’t do with down-arrow)
  • Go to the child you just came from, if you used the “Go to parent item”-shortcut (or mouse)

I’d be happy for any of them :slight_smile:


If that is implemented, I vote for “go to first child” since it matches the existing navigation where you Expand All then press down to get to the first child.

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Go to (First) Child is needed for full navigation without the arrow keys. Coming from Freemind, it’s a sorely missed feature. I use Emacs keybindings myself (Ctrl-P previous, Ctrl-N next, Ctrl-b back to parent, Ctrl-f first child). That last one is currently missing.

I’d prefer Lukas’ 3rd option of going to a previously selected child, otherwise the first. This would make going up nodes and back a muscle-memory action (Ctrl-b repeated, edit, Ctrl-f repeated). Very productivity-enhancing.

Meanwhile I’ve been looking for JavaScript or some automators to turn Ctrl-f into Down-Arrow. No luck yet.

Please make this customizable :slight_smile:

What is absent from today’s Keymap :tired_face:

Go to first sibling item (none)
Go to previous sibling item (yes)
Go to next sibling item (yes)
Go to last sibling item (none)


I love the idea of ‘go to the last child’ and ‘go to the child you just came from’.

Great idea, please consider it!