Go 2nd line in notes need 2 Enter keystrokes

Steps to reproduce

  1. Press Shift-Enter for Note
  2. Write 1st line and press Enter
  3. Press Enter again to go to the 2nd line

Expected result

Should press only 1 Enter for 2nd line

Actual result


Chrome 57.0.2987.133 on Mac OS 10.12.4

Additional information

If you paste in the 2nd line a URL than before the URL appears a empty line:
Text first line


So the URL is in the 3rd line.

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Ran into this one before, but couldn’t figure out what’s going on after lots of investigation.

We found that after hitting Enter twice, if you use Backspace once to go back, it will work the next time. Does look like there’s some invisible characters in there…

This is also happening when making new lines in the item itself, with Ctrl+Shift+Enter. One has to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter twice in order to make a new line. But similarly to in notes, after the first try, subsequent attempts will succeed.

Really weird issue…

I see something similar in Firefox on Linux. When I type something in a note and press Enter the cursor looks like it stayed at the end of line and didn’t go to the next line. But if I actually start typing something else - the letters appear on the second line as expected. So a single Enter press works, it just doesn’t look the part.

If single Enter works, is pressing Enter twice inserting two line breaks instead of one? So weird…

Yes, it does. If you press Enter twice the cursor is shown at the beginning of the second line but the typed text will actually appear on the third one. But if you press Backspace then it starts behaving like normal. Up until you leave that note =).

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I have a similar but slightly more annoying issue, as the same(?) bug ends up with my note being deleted. I can of course just undo, but with the way I’m using it, I’m finding myself having to undo once per note (as you mentioned, after going back it works the next time within the same note).

In short:

  1. Write first line of note
  2. Press enter --> cursor remains on first line as mentioned by @drichli (continuing to type also continues on the first line, unlike for @dvasyukova, but later doesn’t lead to the issue of notes being deleted; see attempt 1)
  3. Press enter again to move cursor to second line
  4. Press tab to indent second line --> cursor appears indented, but on 3rd line
  5. Press delete --> cursor goes to beginning of 3rd line
  6. Press delete again --> cursor goes to beginning of 2nd line
  7. Press tab to indent second line --> first note completely deleted and replaced with a tab, leaving a blank note with two tabs in a row on line 1

Chrome Version 59.0.3071.115 on MacOS 10.12.6

Here’s a screenshot that’s potentially more clear.

We recently redid how we handle new lines, so maybe @Shida is the best person to look at this.

Also @Rachael, could you please verify the issue is still present after you’ve disabled all Chrome extensions like Grammarly? Chrome extensions that do text manipulation easily conflicts with Dynalist, and it’s impossible for us to debug crazy behaviors under that situation. Thanks in advance!

@Erica, thanks for the response! I don’t have anything like Grammarly, but I did try disabling all extensions (as well as using incognito mode) and still experience the same issue.

Thanks so much for testing. We’ll investigate this issue and post any updates here!

This should be fixed after the line break update (http://blog.dynalist.io/line-break-psa/). Closing it :slight_smile: