Gmail link on Mobile opens only the web not the app?

Strange behavior. When I sent a Gmail message to Dynalist and I opens the message url on my Android device (with Android 10), there is coming a message, if I want to open the email in the web version or in the app of Gmail. I choose the Gamil app, but always it opens the web version, and not with the message, I´m always landed in the Inbox?? Is ist a problem of mine or do you have the same behavior?

Not sure I understood what you mean.

  1. You used “email to Dynalist” to send a link to your Gmail email thread (e.g.

  2. When you click on the link on the mobile app, Gmail pops up and shows you the right email.

  3. When you click the link on the web app, something weird happens.

Is that right? Exactly what happened? Sorry I’m hard for me the understand what you’re trying to say for some reason.

When I did try to open the link the first time there was a question to answer if I want to open in Gmail web or in Gmail app. I choose Gmail app, but Gmail app opened not. I come always to Gmail web and not the mail is opening, I come always only to my Gmail Inbox folder. Now that is the normal behavior when I click on a Gmail link. :frowning:

Unfortunately I don’t think Dynalist has much control on how your links behave, if I understand it correctly. It’s up to your system to decide (and it asked you) which program to open it with, and that program will take the link and go from there.

Sorry about that!