Global setting to disable showing completed items when adding internal links

I almost never want to link (vía [[) to a completed item, so I’d love to be able to not see them in the suggestion box.

In general, I’d also like to see a toggle (or at least a link to this page) next to the global search bar, so I don’t have to remember to manually type whatever - is:completed (I never remember if it’s completed, checked or uncompleted, etc.). Other alternatives would be to remember the operators used in previous searches or at least to show an autosuggest panel when entering -is:

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I think this has been suggested before, in internal links menu and also the “move to” dialog. Either what you suggested or we can use the global setting in settings: image

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Exactly. This would also be useful when moving items.

The problem with the global option is that for some lists I do want to show checked items.

I like the idea of using the current view setting. So if you’re currently seeing completed items, they’ll show up in the search box. If you’re not, they won’t. And you can switch easily using Alt-C.

Do you mean you want to see checked items in a document or in internal link results? If you want to see them in a document, you can override that on a per document basis.

I was just replying to your comment:

I want to be able to not see checked items in internal link results but still have them show up in search results.

I see, then what I suggested won’t be an option. It must be a separate filter toggle in the internal link/move node menu and will be remembered there.

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