Give your tags a description/annotation

Granted probably not something a typical user will find useful, but just in case …

It may be helpful for those who have frequent need to rename their tags, and are hindered by the inability to rename tags across documents.

Here’s the code that generates what’s in the screenshot above.

 .node-tag {
     position: relative;
 .node-tag::before {
     position: absolute;
     top: -13px;
     font-family: Georgia;
     font-size: 60%;
     color: blue;
     width: 100%;
     line-height: 8px;
 .node-tag[title*="@Tag_20190517214306"]::before {     content: 'haha! haha!';     }
 .node-tag[title*="@Tag_20190517214423"]::before {     content: 'hoho';     }

Could you provide an example for how this is useful?