Give Option to Search and Autocomplete Tags by Substring (Instead of Alphabetical)

I have a LOT of tags right now. Sometimes it gets hard to remember precisely how I named them. It is often the case that the part of the tag that I DO remember isn’t actually the first part of the tag, and thus when I type a hashtag and the part that I do remember, the tag I’m trying to find doesn’t appear in the autocomplete list.

I would love to have the option to have the tag autocomplete list display results of tags with text that appears ANYWHERE within a given tag, not just those tags that begin with the letters you type first. Evernote offers this, and it is so convenient. It would work a lot like Dynalist already works when searching via [[ , which offers very forgiving search results.

This could be an option that only users who want to can enable, so it doesn’t have to affect users who wouldn’t find it useful. But I’m betting a lot of powers users would find it a big quality of life improvement. Thank you!

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