Generate new shareable link?

Hello, I am wondering if it’s possible to generate a new shareable link for a given document.

The scenario I am working through is that I made a document public and shared the link so that others could view it. One of those people is no longer working with us so I don’t want them to see the document by simply visiting the existing public link. However, Dynalist does not allow me to change the link. This seems strange to me.

I imagine the correct solution is to share with specific people by adding them to the share list, but it’s not as easy or convenient as a public link.

Thank you for any feedback or ideas. Dynalist, if you are listening, how about a “generate new public link” option on the share sheet?


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Hi Pablo, fellow user here. A workaround might be to duplicate the document (right-click the doc in the files pane, then “Make a Copy”) and then delete the original and create a new link for the copy.

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