General outliner question: How do you trigger yourself into looking at the right node at the right time?

I assume most of you organize the hierarchy in some sensical way that can be interpreted as triggered commands, if you’re open minded about interpreting your system in that way, I think you can say this.

if(at home)then
do laundry
eat watermelon
if(at work)then
print source code
if(at trader joes)then
buy watermelon

But how do you trigger the if without checking dynalist every minute? How do you not go home and forget to do the at home list then get to work and say dang it.

If you have the mental discipline levels where you can’t relate, good for you, the rest of us are dumb and need tools.

We all check our phone 20 times when we are home, so it could be a notification there. I can think of some awful methods involving web scraping and geofence apps but I’d rather not wander that nightmare land naively.

So how do YOU do it, personally?

The notifications and alarm system you are describing seems to be a clock function default in your phone’s apps. It’s quite hard for a software to predict when you are home or going out, so I recommend this app: BlipBlip. You can set it to send unobtrusive notification blips every hour to every 30 minutes to every 1 minute!

Hope this helps :nerd_face:

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Blipblip reminds me of those anxiety inducing pomodoro tomato timers that always felt like a death knoll bell never letting you forget the unstoppable march of time, buuuut i know a lot of people like pomodoro timers.

I feel like the migration from paper bullet journals to computer bullet journal should enable more tricks in the bullet journaler repertoire but maybe everyone just uses them just like the paper ones, checking them every once in a while, using their brain memory.

I’m just tryin things, but keep forgetting to look at the todo list at the right time.

Latest thing to try: autopost a link to the top of my dynalist the proper to-do node based on Android’s 24/7 GPS tracking


i feel like im still going to forget ¯|(ツ)

My dream is figuring out how to parse out the children of a specific node via the API and email myself just that. then my to do list for the place i just got to is right there, readable from the notifications.

I think this post should belong to the General category, what do you say @BigChungus?

oh yeah oops.


Woooa looking cool!

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There are a LOT of things you have to think about; “do the laundry at home”, “talk to Erica about a reminder function”, “buy coffee at the grocery store”, etc.

By setting up your list(s) in Dynalist, where I recommend using one document with tags, you only have to remember one thing: check my list. Meeting your friend Jane Doe? Open Dynalist, check your #JaneDoe tag. Outside? Check your #errands tag.

That is more something of forming a habit. But it’s worth it. If you take the habit that major switches of context should trigger a look in Dynalist, you’ll have a trusted system. Going to the doctor you’ll tap the #doctor tag and ask all the questions you had, for example :slight_smile:

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