Frozen/pinned items at the top

It’s basically like frozen rows in Excel – the item will always stay as the first child of the parent list no matter what, even though this is your inbox and you’ve specified to send new inbox captures to the top of the list. So for example, for non-Inbox frozen items stay at top. For Inbox where you have specified new items go to the top, they would be inserted below any frozen items, if they are present.

This would serve as a constant reminder in that context.

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I personally would find it useful because some times there are things I want to be reminded of constantly such as:

  • When Fred calls, don’t mention the party he wasn’t invited to.
  • When I step out, take the UPS package with me.
  • If Brad calls, keep it under 3 minutes.
  • Today’s top priority: Fill October calendar
  • Do 10 pushups on before going to the bathroom

I have tasks and projects like everybody else, but I also have items that are important, but not time specific or part of a series of tasks. Rather, they are triggered by some other action.

There are other cases in which you just want a quote to be in front of you such as:

  • A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan executed at an unspecified time in the future (General George Patton said that)

I like this. I would also say that pressing enter on the parent item jumps to underneath the frozen items, so even manual entry (without the inbox feature) does not bypass the frozen status.

Another good way of using this is if you have procedures that have to be followed every day. For example, when I go through emails (in Gmail), I STAR emails that require follow-up. But I still some times forget to filter starred emails every day, but ideally I’d like an “always on top” reminder every day.