Frequent Cloudflare Issue

Dynalist’s frequent downtimes are disrupting work regularly. Please consider upgrading the hosting setup, especially the CDN.
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@Shida are there any plans to address this? It’s been progressively getting worse the past few weeks, and the site is entirely down right now.

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So I’ve been tracking the situation and I’ve located the issue to be caused by one specific user who has a gigantic account with like a thousand shared documents. Unfortunately it’s a paid/pro user so I can’t just block them outright, and it is currently not easy to “just optimize” it away since the issue involves deep into the concurrency controls when making structural changes to shared documents.

We are planning to reach out to the user to see if there’s anything we can work out together from his account. Will update here when we find some way around this issue.


@Shida Dynalist has been down for multiple hours this morning. I’d urge you to reconsider taking action against this account, as I think inconveniencing one user (even if they are paid) is much preferable to multiple hours of weekly downtime for all users.

If deactivating their account is not possible, could you rate limit them or force their shared documents into a read-only mode to prevent this issue from continually recurring?


Today Dynalist was down for some hours, and then was recoverd for a short time, and now is down again. Recently I’ve experienced downtimes frequently and it is becoming more serious. I hope this issue be taken care of.
Thanks in advance.


Sorry for the late notice. I am working with the problematic user in question to migrate their data, but the migration has resulted in a few downtimes as we moved his documents. They are still trying to reorganize, but I will give an update when we can finally abandon the old account.

Again I’m really sorry for the inconvenience!


on our way to the guy who individually shared 1000 documents image

  • Email them a link to a .zip of .opml files and delete their account
  • Press criminal charges
  • Contact the Hague international court of law for violations of the geneva convention on sharing 1000 documents
  • Everyone waits on the cloudflare 404 page as Johnny Sharesalot takes his sweet time individually unsharing each document

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Well you know what? I’ve found another user who is abusing the system with automation. Seems like they got over 3,000 folders and 10,000 documents. I’ve temporarily disabled the user to help with the situation.


Thanks for fast reaction and transparency. That build trust. Hope the problem will be solved, as dynalist is my primary tool (with litle but essential information). Would be a big pain, if it turns out not to be stable :sneezing_face:

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There are constant outages – right now, too, as I’m typing this.

You really should consider issuing refunds to your subscribers, @Shida & team. This is no way to treat your paying subscribers.

I’ve been writing to Rebecca from your support team every other day now.

Total outage 9 days ago, total outage 2 days ago, yet another total outage right now.

Is Dynalist truly abandonware at this point?

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I think they need to code a usage limit per user. Those users can have their 10000 documents, but the system performance of every other user shouldn’t be compromised by their usage. All I’m saying is there needs to be a per-user cap limiting data transfer rates and CPU usage. It can be a very high cap, but that value shouldn’t be a significant percentage of the overall system of hundreds of users. If nobody uses more than 1% at a time, then nobody can throttle the system.

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Shida is the maintainer. You can see their posts above. Also they chat in the discord . So, no, not abandoned. It does seem like an influx of abusive free accounts using bots to make tens of thousands of documents did cause a disaster for the server performance last week tho. But Shida mentioned they’re cleaning it up and adding a reasonable document limit to prevent it in the future.

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Is Erica Xu no longer with Dynalist? I thought it was hers and @Shida’s software. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, the situation has been much better lately, so no complaints from me for the last 7 days or so.

Rebecca from Dynalist support sent me the following very useful server performance monitoring link:

As can be seen there, the situation was pretty bad 1 week or 2 weeks ago, but it’s been fine for the last week or so. Hopefully it stays that way permanently! :slightly_smiling_face:

(I just can’t imagine my life without Dynalist, so I hope that Dynalist can outlive me, not vice versa.)


Erica is still with Dynalist the company. Shida is more active in communicating with users of this product.


Thanks for the update, that’s nice to hear! (I was getting worried about Erica.) :wink: