[Free Windows App] Please disable global shortcuts


On the free app, the global shortcut ctrl+shift+I (and maybe others) is still enabled and brings up the app to front.
The thing is that there is no way to deactivate this shortcut.
The app is basically disrupting other applications without any mean to avoid that except closing Dynalist :frowning:

I love Dynalist anyway :slight_smile: Thanks.

Is your issue addressed in this thread Capture to inbox shortcut goes global on desktop app ?

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It’s not addressing it, but Manogna_Mano says:

Since this is a pro-only feature, can an option for the global shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+I) to be disabled to available to everyone?

and Erica responds:

[…] that’s a bug we should fix, Ctrl+Shift+I shouldn’t prevent default behavior for free users, will fix!

Then I don’t see any follow-up regarding this issue.

@pottster: thanks!

@Renaud_Merle: We have tracked this bug on our todo list, and will fix it as soon as we can! Thanks again for letting us know.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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@Renaud_Merle: should be fixed now, could you please confirm?

It’s fixed.
Thanks a ton!

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