Format of markdown link URL?

Coming to obsidian as a vim aficionado I was greatly disappointed to learn that there was not interoperability between markdown links in the two apps. That was because obsidian puts a “%20” in spaces between words in the link title.

Since dynalist was created by the folks who went on to create obsidian I’m wondering if it also puts “%20” in spaces in link titles.

I don’t understand the question.

A link in markdown is typed as [this is a link](

Neither Obsidian nor Dynalist (nor any other markdown renderer I know of) will turn the spaces you typed into %20 .

The only place a space would ever turn to %20 is in the URL itself when you type a space in your browsers URL bar and try to go to that url. Space isn’t a supported character for http:// so it uses it’s escape code. But that’s unrelated, since you’re talking about markdown titles. I’m just confused what you’re seeing.