Force dynalist to always be image host, how?

Sometimes I copy a .gif of .jpg and paste into dynalist. But then a week later its a blank box and clicking it goes to a 404 expired link. Dynalist offloaded hosting to the temporary url I got it from. gifs for example. Those image urls don’t last forever.

How do I force dynalist to always host pasted images? What’s the easiest and simplest way?

This works for me for copying images from my browser into Dynalist:

  • Right-click the image and choose “Copy Image”.
  • Click a node in Dynalist and paste from your keyboard (e.g. Ctrl-V in Windows).
  • Dynalist will upload the image and host it on their servers.


Note that it’s the “Copy Image” option, not “Copy Image Link” – that grabs the URL, which isn’t what you want. If “Copy Image” doesn’t appear in the right click menu, you may first need to open it in a new tab and then “Copy Image” from that tab.

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I know it is weird, but I always use “Copy Image”. It oftentimes pastes an externally hosted image into dynalist. I think Chrome copies the metadata along with the image, and if dynalist sees metadata for a host url in the pasted image it uses [!](external url) but if theres no metadata it uploads and uses [!](dynalist url). Do you use Chrome?

Oh really? Wow, I didn’t know it could do that. Yes, I use Chrome on Windows.

Maybe a different workaround would be to download the image to your local machine first, and then drag it into Dynalist. That way there’s no URL for Dynalist to discover.

Yeah…feels like a lot of hassle though, oh well.

I can’t reproduce it at the moment…though i do have a big graveyard of (sadly) 404ed images showing up as blank squares in my dynalist…maybe it is fixed, ill keep an eye on the url its using when i paste images…

Are you saying links are showing 404? Or are they external links?

External. When I drag or Command-V an image from chrome into dynalist in Chrome, it doesn’t always make a [!]( item, sometimes it makes a [!]( item. I have to keep a hawk eye on the markdown code every time I add an image to make sure I get a dynalist url. Sometimes I don’t notice until the image becomes a glaring blank square in dynalist.

It involves a little more work, but have you tried right clicking the image and selecting “Copy image”? Does this method work?

It’s working perfectly for now. I’ll keep an eye on it, and give reproduce steps if it ever happens again.

Thanks in advance!