Font Specification Needed When Sharing a List Publicly


Please, similarly to us being able to specify a theme when sharing a list publicly, let us also specify a font to be used in the publicly shared list. The default Whitney font is a bad choice, because it mishandles diacritic letters. For more details, please see here:

Thank you.

Any suggestion for a font that is like Whitney but is better for these letters?

I’ve got to say I like the Whitney font – it’s just that it’s unusable for many (most?) languages with diacritic letters (unless you never use italics, or unless you don’t mind publicly sharing lists that look ugly/malformed…).

I also think that Consolas and Whitney aren’t really all that different. The main difference, to me, is that Consolas works with all letters perfectly, whereas Whitney does not. :cry:

A quick (and seemingly easy) fix for the Dynalist team would definitely be to allow us to specify the font in the sharing string – then Whitney could stay the default font in Dynalist. You know, only quite recently, Dynalist introduced the option to specify the theme when publicly sharing a list, so the option to specify the font as well should be relatively easy to implement, I’d guess.

Consolas is a mono-spaced font and Whitney is a variable spaced font making these extremely different even if the letters have a similar style.

Alright, @Alan. :slightly_smiling_face: The point is, this issue should be a relatively easy & quick fix for @Erica & @Shida, via expanding the variables in the URL sharing string, so here’s hoping the fix will be implemented soon.

This has been bugging me ever since I joined Dynalist a couple of years ago, but especially over the last few weeks, I’ve been involved in large-scale projects with dozens of collaborators, I keep sharing our project outlines with the involved teams using Dynalist, and I just keep feeling embarrassed when I see how malformed the text looks in a publicly shared list displayed in Whitney, as opposed to how I see it myself when composing the list in my own account using Consolas. I also frequently give editing permission to my collaborators when sharing a list publicly, and then they also have to struggle with Whitney while editing the lists. (No novice user will delve into settings to look for a different font.)

It’s just not good advertisement for Dynalist when potential new Dynalist users look at publicly shared lists in this software and they see malformed text in them every time. :roll_eyes:

I understand you need an option to control what font displays… That’s an important and needed improvement.

But the community also needs a better default, because:

There must be another commonly used option that’s better.

Right. :grinning: It’s just that I’m in the midst of complex projects right now, I share public lists with my teams every day and we work on them on a daily basis, so I would appreciate a quick fix if possible.

(As opposed to that, I fear that the search for a new default Dynalist font might take some time, it’s a weighty decision to make for @Erica & @Shida, there might be some resistance to the change from the Dynalist user community – “Whitney lovers”, :rofl: etc.)