Font settings does not apply to search results

Steps to reproduce

Search in all documents clrl+enter

Expected result

Search results with the font selected in Font options earlier

Actual result

Some other font used


macOS Sierra, Chrome latest

Maybe this is intended behaviour, but with cyrillic letters and the font used by default - all text is getting unreadable.


Additional comments

Yeah we should fix this. Thanks for the bug report, @Artem!

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Any updates when this bug will be addressed to developers?

It’s fixed on the web version now. What do you mean by “to developers”?

Oh, I see, thanks! Perhaps I had cached version of web application.

[quote=“Erica, post:4, topic:235”]
What do you mean by “to developers”?

I meant “when this will be fixed (by Dynalist developers)”

No you were right, it was released after your comment.

Ah, I see!