Font Colour

Is there anyway to change the font colour (for a single word or line) rather than creating a colour label?

There isn’t you have to either use a custom CSS style sheet (change the schema of bold and italics) or use Piotrs PowerPack

Neither are official solutions

You can upvote the official feature request here

Thank - much appreciated.

Just wanna follow up on this – is this resolved?

And to +1 on @Vincent_Tang’s answer, that’s 100% correct, there’s no built-in way to change the color of a single word.

Resolved, no but worked around, yes until this becomes an option. I am using the code facility - not great but any port in a storm…

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Hi, sorry for bumping this old topic, but I was wondering if there were any plans to add this feature. Like John, I’m using the code option as well, but it’s limited to only one colour.

I find colour labels quite overwhelming if many of them are used, and I think just changing the font colour would be a cleaner way to highlight text.

Please. I agree with the himadri_sm that the highlighting is overwhelming. I really need the ability to change font colors easily on word by word (rather than line-by-line) basis.

Have you considered this option:

It’s limited, but allows me to change strike-through to instead be yellow highlight. You could instead change the color rather than background-color if you want a red font or something.

Hello, Could you please help me and explain how you use the code option to change the font color of a text or word. Many thanks in advance.

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I don’t think you want to use CODE. Inserting code with ``` will force a line break before and after your “code”, and force rendering to be by source code syntax rules. If you do this, you could change the color like

.hljs {
background-color: green !important
color: blue !important
.hljs-keyword {
color:pink !important

Thanks for your quick reply. Indeed, It is not the best solution.
Would be great to be able to color some part of text.

Did you read the link above? Strikeout can be repurposed

Now I see it. That’s just perfect for me. Thanks a lot

I don’t use underline. Finally, I made this (red-font via CTRL+R and highlight via CTRL+H) :

.node-strike-through {
background-color: #ffec84;
text-decoration: none;

.node-italics {
color: #b80c0c;
text-decoration: none;
font-style: normal;