Font Colour



Is there anyway to change the font colour (for a single word or line) rather than creating a colour label?


There isn’t you have to either use a custom CSS style sheet (change the schema of bold and italics) or use Piotrs PowerPack

Neither are official solutions

You can upvote the official feature request here


Thank - much appreciated.


Just wanna follow up on this – is this resolved?

And to +1 on @Vincent_Tang’s answer, that’s 100% correct, there’s no built-in way to change the color of a single word.


Resolved, no but worked around, yes until this becomes an option. I am using the code facility - not great but any port in a storm…


Hi, sorry for bumping this old topic, but I was wondering if there were any plans to add this feature. Like John, I’m using the code option as well, but it’s limited to only one colour.

I find colour labels quite overwhelming if many of them are used, and I think just changing the font colour would be a cleaner way to highlight text.