Font awesome - or something similar

I know this has come up before, but after researching the topic I wanted to bring it to the surface once more. It would be very nice to be able to decorate our lists with icons, such as found in the Font Awesome library. (

The idea that it can help various aspects of outlines to stand out in a visual. Another option would be the google fonts that include glyphs.

I don’t want to minimize the work involved, but basically having a stylesheet reference in your code would add this ability (perhaps just make it an option in settings for pro users :sunglasses:


No objections here – I’d love to see those icons made available. Currently I use emojis for decorating list items – Dynalist’s support for emojis is really good.

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Emoticons, thats not a bad solution to the problem. Thanks for suggesting it!

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Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider it!

And as @Craig_Oliver suggested, emoji can work nicely if that’s your thing! :slight_smile:

:deciduous_tree: :four_leaf_clover: :notebook_with_decorative_cover: :clipboard: :pen: :penguin: :hatched_chick: :dancing_women:

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It may be me being totally dumb, but where do I find emojis in Dynalist? I saw you used some in the live demo and Craig here says Dynalist has good support, but I can’t find anything in help, the menus or shortcuts. I can cut & paste emojis from elsewhere, but obvs. that’s bit of a pain.


If you’re on Windows, you can press Windows key + . [period] or Windows key + ; [semi-colon] to bring up the emoji picker.

Hi Mark,

Dynalist supports displaying emojis, but it doesn’t provide a way to pick them.

But your OS or browser probably does. If you have Windows, you can type Win-. (Win-period) to bring up an emoji picker. On a Chromebook and Android you can pick emojis from the on-screen keyboard. There are several Chrome plugins that allow you to pick an emoji and paste it into your document. And there are lots of other options too.

EDIT: I forgot to mention one of my favorite places to find emojis: . Search for the one you want, click the “Copy” button, and then paste it into Dynalist.

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Combined with some css magic Dynalist quickly becomes pretty slick…

Thanks for jumping in to help guys! I use a Windows Surface Pro half of the time, so will check that out. At the moment I’m using a Raspberry Pi 4 running Rasbian (Linux) which doesn’t seem to have a similar facility.

Craig… thanks for the emojipedia recommendation. I’d already come across that, and as you point out you can cut & paste across. Bit of a drag though.

I have an idea for using emojis on Raspberry Pi/Linux. I use a text expander called Autokey (equivalent on Windows is AutoHotKey). I can use that to automatically paste in emojis in response to key sequences. So for example if I type zsmile it pastes in a smiley! I’ll get to it now!

Thanks again!

Tried AutoKey… couldn’t get it to work with the emojis, but found Awesome Emoji Picker addon for Firefox (the browser I’m using). Works a treat.

Glad you found something that works!

For Linux, I use Emoji Keyboard: GitHub - OzymandiasTheGreat/emoji-keyboard: Type emoji easily! Virtual keyboard-like emoji palette for Linux with [fewer] of features.

It took a little tweaking to get it working and coming up at startup, but it’s working well for me.


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I use the Windows built-in emoji feature, which can be evoked with Win+; . This inserts a Unicode rather than something like :joy:, which I find to work better than :joy: for copying/pasting and consistency.