Folder and document manager

NOTE: this is what this post is about.

Hellooo! Been away for ages but I’ve got some new suggestions :smiley:

I think this has been mentioned before, but I think that the panel showing folders and documents could be improved slightly.

Depending on how people use Dynalist, some may have a single document, like Workflowy, where every “document” is a node somewhere in it. Others, like myself, may have lots of folders and each separate topic is in it’s own document.

Here’s the compromise in my view. The second way is less flexible, because you cannot control the folders and documents the way you can a list. You can’t collapse all, or expand a document straight away etc… The flexibility isn’t there. However, you can share each document, whereas with a single document you can’t share individual nodes (this should be a feature too imo).

One way I have tried using is having a separate document which has links to all the other documents, but this feels clumsy. SO, finally, is there a way you could make the document/folder panel as flexible as a list?

Great job either way :smiley:


So you don’t so much mean control over editing like in superman mode but control over viewing the existing structure?

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This is what I was referring to. Something like this would be perfect, so basically editing the document/folder list as if it was inside a document itself a la Workflowy. But here I am only talking about making it a bit more flexible. I’ll edit my post :slight_smile:

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I personally use folders to seperate my notes by client > project > category. It would be awesome to have two things.

  1. Folder sorting.Re-organizing the folders can be a pain.

  2. Color coding folders. In my other note taking systems, color coding notes seperate from features makes for quick navigation through the dozens of folders currently in the files pane.

Love the app and just signed up for PRO. Excited to see what is coming.

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So clicking on a folder would set the scope for the outline displayed in the main (right) panel showing all of the documents in the folder as a single outline. What’s interesting about this is that any item in the outline could be designated the parent of a document and when creating a new document this way the document would know exactly where to go in the folder/document structure. This would go a long way in reconciling what is best about documents and best about a single outline.