Focus gets lost for no reason

Steps to reproduce

Type a bit into a document

Expected result

That I can continue typing, and the keyboard stays focused

Actual result

After a while the focus of the keyboard gets lost, as if I had pressed ESC but I had not.


Dynalist on latest OSX Chrome

Additional comments

I cannot pin down what triggers the focus getting lost - maybe it is time based? Not sure. This is somewhat disconcerting, as many times I type without looking at the screen, only to find I have missed a whole section etc, due to losing focus. In general you may want to implement an alert when keys are pressed in the escape mode when there is no command associated.

Can you take note of the upper right corner of the app and see if the loss of focus is in sync with Dynalist sync? In other words, is it the case that when the loading icon appears, you lose focus?

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I also get this issue. I will try to note if it’s syncing when it happens next time.
Edit: On Windows Chrome.

Chrome and Firefox on Mac
Firefox without Powerpack
it wasn’t syncing, or at least it doesn’t notified about it

It just happened again, if it was syncing at the time, I don’t think I could catch it in time. By the time I had turned my head towards the indicator it just said “Synced”.

@Filip_G @Piotr @Wayne_Smith

Does it happen approximately 5 minutes? (No need to time, just want to know if that sounds about right)

@Filip_G @Piotr @Wayne_Smith

Just pushed a fix. Could you refresh and see if the problem goes away?

Haven’t seen the issue all day. It seems to be gone.


Same issue happening to me on Windows app. Restart the app doesn’t fix the issue.

Is your issue happening every 5 minutes too?

That’s weird, because the cause of the issue suggested by all the people above isn’t even present in the the desktop apps.

Are you sure you’re using the Windows standalone app, not inside a browser?

Yes Erica.
For Windows desktop app, I can’t select position and type.
Web-app working fine though.

I see, if you mean the select bug, that’s a totally different one.

The bug they are experiencing happens without any user action; in other words, without selecting, they lost focus.

The bug you’re referring to will be fixed in the next desktop app release. Sorry about the inconveniences!

I see. No problem.
Thank you for point it out, Erica

The selection issue should be gone in the latest version (v1.1.8).

Is that the case for you?