Focus after search is exited

Currently, when I search in a document and find what I needed and then exit the search, I find myself back at the beginning of the document. This can be frustrating when navigating a long document – I want to search for a key phrase, put my cursor in the location I find, X out of the search, and be already scrolled down to the location in the document which I found through search.

Of course, I could zoom into the relevant bullet instead. However, this isn’t always what I want. Often I was really looking for the general area of the document, and don’t want to zoom in.


I’ve definitely wanted this behaviour myself.

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Agreed. I submit that this actually is a bug since functionality is lost. The whole idea of using an outliner is to improve document navigation, not make it more difficult.

I find the automatic return to the doc beginning a huge disincentive to using Search. Search becomes costly when it changes my attention and then I have to spend a few minutes renavigating the doc to find where I was.

The page view and cursor should return to the location prior to starting the search.

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