Flat results for search across documents

One of the key advantages of Dynalist over Workflowy is the use of documents, which adds potential for focus. However, when items are filtered by search or hashtag, the results are displayed with all the hierarchy. If you have a deep document, this is more or less useless. Flat results are available for searches within a document, but not across them.

For those wavering between Dynalist and Roam, it would make a significant difference if we could have a list of results (similar to Roam ā€œlinked referencesā€). This would be especially useful for dates, in order to have list of due items for instance.

This seems a core value of Dynalist which is not found in Obsidian. Flat results across documents would be helpful in growing Dynalist users, while Obsidian is developing. PowerPack used to enable something like this, but it no longer works unfortunately.


A flat results view for search across documents is key if Dynalist is to really work as a task manager. I need to be able to see a list of all tasks from all documents, ordered by date. This is the first step toward determining which project (document) to work on at any given time. Flat view is already available, as is search everywhere. How hard could it be to add this?