Flat Dynalist view



Erica, this is a great start! I love where you’re going with this. It’s really helpful to be able to focus on just the nodes that match without worrying about the hierarchy.

I would love a way to sort this flat list. One of my use cases is storywriting, where I’d like to collect story events from all over the document (e.g. from character histories) and see them in chronological order. For example, with the made-up document below, it would be fantastic to do a flat search for #event and have it sorted to see all the events in order!

Sorting would also be great for sorting to-do lists in due-date order, etc. etc.


Nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

Now all we need is for it to live update when e.g. new items that fit the terms are created / items within the list are changed so they no longer fit

Edit: OR (less good but better than nothing), a little ‘refresh’ button next to the search box - at the moment we have to escape the search and run it again, which is a bit cumbersome


@MatthieuPiquemal @MarcusM: thanks for the feedback! That will certainly be helpful in the future development of this feature :slight_smile:


You’re in luck Craig! Sorting is what we plan to add next :slight_smile:


Woohoo! Thanks! Looking forward to trying it out.


This is great. I find it very useful to be able to see a todo list (amongst other things) as a simple list sourced from multiple places.
It would be even better if I could expand any items under the list though (I often put info about a todo items under the item) - is that possible or is that caused by the same issue that means we are unable to edit?
And is the ability to edit never going to be possible? (Just trying to manage my expectations)


Today I found that I can use sort option on Flat Search View.
It is very helpful and awesome.

I would like to use this function on my mobile.
When can I use this function on my mobile (iPhone and Android ) ?


Not yet, we’ll try to fit it into the app soon. On the mobile app more work is required, like where to fit this option (mobile space is precious), and how to redo the layout for mobile. I hope that’s understandable!


I didn’t realize this was already available! I’m looking forward to playing with it. Thank you!


Dear Erica,
Thank you for your prompt reply.
I understood that it was not easy to add this option into the mobile app.
I look forward to using this fantastic option on my mobile soon.


I have some more request as for flat search.

Steps to reproduce
1.Focus on one main topic whichi has some subtopics.
2.Use nomal search
3.Get search result only under one main topic with hierarchy structute
4.Use Flat search

Expected result
After setp 4 , get search result only under one main topic with flat view.

Actual result
After step 4 get search result not under one main topic but under the wohle document with flat view.

I use Windows 8.1 Pro and chrome browser which is latest version (75.0.3770.100)

I would like to see search result only under focused topic with flat view as same as nomal search result.

In additon, although my note setting is to display only one line, full-text is displayed in flat search result.
I think that it might be better to see note along with our own view setting.

I also appreciate that if I could register this flat search result as a bookmark.

Do you have any plan to improve according to my hope ?


Hi Ichikawa,

Thanks for your suggestion! I think moving it into a separate feature request would make more sense (and to make sure more people see it too!).

Right now this post is marked with “implemented”, so I doubt people will check it out. If it receives more attention, we’ll be sure to give it more consideration.


Dear, Erica
Thank you for your reply.
I got it.